I Went to a Bridal Show and Won a Vacation!

On Sunday, Jan. 19th I took my mom, maid of honor, and one of my bridesmaids to the big bridal show happening at The Palace. When we got there, there was a massive line curling inside the building and shooting … Continue reading

Airport Rant – with eCards!

So, while my vacation to Dominica was absolutely wonderful (see my post about it), the flights we probably the worst plane experience besides crashing. My schedule was as follows: Thursday 10/10/13: Detroit > Philadelphia > San Juan > Dominica Wednesday … Continue reading

Visiting my Fiancé at his Caribbean School – with pictures!

I’m back from my vacation to Dominica! I was able to visit my fiancé during his medical school semester, meeting his friends and experiencing the island. Day One Back when I bought my plane ticket, Nick had told me he … Continue reading