Happy First Anniversary To Us

May Sixteenth.

Today is our One-Year Anniversary!

To celebrate, we spent our weekend at Cedar Point in Ohio. We’ve both grown up going to this park, absolutely love roller coasters, and since I now work on their advertising I can get us in for free. Seeing as we’re not rolling in the dough, this was PERFECT for us.

And on that note, working for this company is the single greatest job I can imagine. The only other client that would make me this happy to work on is Mountain Dew. I love working for a client I am legitimately and organically excited about. We’re calling this our Summer of Coasters, hinting towards how much we plan to go.

Anyway. We arrived at the park late Friday night and checked into our hotel. We decided to stay at the on-site resort, Hotel Breakers. The hotel and our room were beautiful! We were pleasantly surprised to see we’d been upgraded to a suite for our anniversary. Going back to how frugal we are, we NEVER get to experience a room like this. We took a lot of photos:

The following morning we woke up bright and early to get to the park. Guests staying at the resort receive early admission (1-hr before park open), and since Cedar Point has a new coaster this year we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the small early crowd to get that in. Unfortunately the morning had horrible weather, so this ended up being our first ride for the day:


The Tiki Twirl. A classic spin-you-around ride. And to be honest, we giggled the entire time. We normally don’t ride these small rides at the park, and I don’t know how long it’s been since I rode something for the pure giggle-factor. It was a fun start to the day! We also rode Iron Dragon, which is a very small coaster that pales in comparison to all others. But as a starter coaster, we really enjoyed it!

Finally, we heard that one of the coasters was open and made a mad dash for the line. Maverick is SUCH a fun coaster that we both really love. We also received Fast Lane passes for the day, so once the ride was open we just kept going straight to the front without waiting. It was AMAZING! I’ve never splurged on Fast Passes in my life, and it might be tough to go back to waiting in line. We rode the Maverick three times in a row before we decided to check out if other coasters had opened up.

As the wind seemed to ease up, a few coasters could be seen running test cars. We made an immediate trek over to our favorite ride in the entire world – the Millennium Force. I love this ride so so so much, and seeing the test car run made me so happy that we’d be able to ride it today. We were seriously worried for a moment there during the morning that we wasted our Fast Lane passes, since the weather really was tremendously horrible.

So the Millennium ran test after test, and yet the line never opened up. Nearby we could see the track for the new coaster, Valravn, and others peeking up over the trees. After waiting for around 45 minutes in hopes that Millennium would open up, we saw real people riding Valravn and peaced out.

This was the moment we’d all been waiting for. The new coaster, breaking 10 world records, here in front of our eyes. And as luck would have it, the Fast Lane passes took us straight to the boarding platform. We were shaking from excitement and cold, antsy for the gates to open for us to take our seats. The moment we were strapped in and the car began to move, I squeezed Nick’s leg and started squealing like a little kid.


And then it happened. We reached the top of the first hill. This is the best part of Valravn, because the category of coaster it falls under is a “Dive” coaster. This means that the drop is straight down 90°, and the coaster hangs the car looking down the drop for 4 full seconds before releasing you to the track. IT WAS INSANE! Oh my goodness, I’ve never felt like that before. Staring straight down, 200+ ft. in the air, and then DROP.

We rode Valravn six times that day.

The rest of the day was a pleasant surprise, as all the coasters we wanted to ride ended up opening (despite the wind, cold, and occasional rain). We managed to hit:

Valravn x6
Maverick x3
Millennium Force x2
Gatekeeper x2
Magnum x2
Wicked Twister
Iron Dragon
Tiki Twirl (can’t forget Tiki Twirl!)

During our down-time when rides were closed, we found fun elsewhere throughout the park. We ended up spending a TON of time at the petting zoo! Normally I speed past the petting zoo, because why would I stop when there are coasters to ride? I don’t think I’ll be skipping it ever again, because having a baby goat climb up on my lap was one of the best moments of the trip. All the babies. All the cute. Want to steal them.

Aside from our amazing experiences at the park, one of the best benefits we found to having Fast Lane passes was not in the park itself. Rather, it was the time it saved us to do other things, or in our case nothing. We napped for TWO hours in the middle of the day! It was soooo nice, walking just a few short minutes to the hotel and crashing hard for a solid chunk of time. Even looking back at our honeymoon, when people ask us the best part we consistently say that it was napping every day. We love naps ❤


Before leaving for home on Sunday, we managed to scratch off a few more things from our list.

First, Nick loves to try new craft beers, so we stopped at the ale house in Frontier Town to try some of the Cedar Point brews. It was such a cute place, and Nick LOVED the Rougabrew. It’s the park’s lager. The other two choices were the Valravn and Frontier Trail, but the winner for Nick was Rougabrew all the way.


Next, we found a few Snoopys within the park to pose with:



Finally, before calling it quits, we grabbed some Funnel Fries and a Caricature:


This was without a doubt the best experience I’ve ever had at Cedar Point. It was cold, windy, and rainy, and I loved it. Nick and I are the perfect park-going duo. We have patience to wait in lines, love all the same rides, agree on break times, and never lose our excitement as the day goes on. I love this man, and I can’t wait for another year’s worth of adventures.



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