Speech! Speech!

Now we had reached the point in the day where WE didn’t have to do anything! Just sit there and hear the wonderful words our Maid of Honor and Best Man had to say about us. I kicked off my shoes, had a full glass, and was ready to put on my party hat for the rest of the night.

My sister and Maid of Honor went first. We knew that MOH speeches are generally more sentimental, while BM speeches are generally more humorous, and made this decision on purpose to end our speeches with everyone ready to have fun.

Megan was eloquent, didn’t cry, and even quoted one of our childhood heroes: Lorelai Gilmore. It was wonderful. I know she got a little flustered in the middle there when her paper threatened to blow away but she did great, and I loved every second.

Next up was Larry, the Best Man. Larry has always been the funny man no matter what group he is with, so we had high hopes for some great laughs. And he delivered. Tore down the groom, complimented the bride, and some great advise about married life.

Hugs were passed all around!

Once the speeches were finished, Nick and I grabbed the mic for a second to thank everyone for attending, and more importantly, to announce that dinner was ready.

…To be continued…



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