Photo-palooza & Grand Entrance

After our ceremony was finished, the first order of business was to actually sign our marriage license. We grabbed our Maid of Honor and Best Man and, slowly for photos, signed all three copies.

Before we headed out for some fun photos with our bridal party, we gathered the families for the formal shots:


My mom’s family


My step-dad’s family


Nick’s mom’s family


My dad’s family


Nick’s dad’s family



Then it was time to hit the town! Our first stop was the park just outside. The open area with the fountain had a great view of our venue in the background, and our guests currently on the rooftop for our reception had a view of us as well.

Next we headed to the tiger statue in front of Comerica Park (home to the Detroit Tigers). These photos are very “Detroit” and a must-have for any group of fun folks.

For our third stop I’d hoped we’d have time to get on Woodward in front of the Fox Theatre, but we were cutting it close. Instead, we decided to head back to the park for some Nick-and-I-only shots while our bridal party got a head start on lining up for our entrance. They turned out lovely.

For our Grand Entrance to the reception, we lined up in a stairwell that would allow us to walk through the crowd leading to the head table. The layout of our venue was a little difficult because it was highly segmented, and only a handful of tables would be able to see us for the night once we were seated. So we decided on the most complicated route in order to see everyone at the start of the night.

Since the route was a little twisty, our event coordinators worked out a great way for us to know when to start walking. Using headsets, one was standing with our DJ at the head table while the other was with us in the stairwell. This way, even though we couldn’t see when each couple reached their destination, we knew they were done and it was our turn.

We’d chosen the song “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore because, get it, the ceiling can’t hold us. We’re on a rooftop. No ceiling. Ha! I’m pretty sure I was the only one amused by this, but BOY was I amused!

We were excited to see that our friends had created a little tunnel for us to walk under once we reached the front. I scooted through there while all my best friends cheered over my head. It was super fun!


It was official – the party had arrived!

There was just one more thing to do before we sat down to begin speeches.

Eat. Cake.

We had decided on cake balls rather than a traditional cake. So serving them to one another was really simple and not messy! They were arranged in a tiered tower, and we had three flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, and lemon. Lemon was my favorite.

Finally, it was time to sit down, relax, and enjoy the speeches.

…To Be Continued…


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