A Groom’s Morning

Nick’s morning on the day of our wedding, as for most Grooms, was a bit more relaxed than my own.

After he’d gotten dressed, Nick and his boys met up downtown for their photos and a little afternoon pre-gaming. The boys filled up their flasks, and set out for some shenanigans around the city.

They stopped at all the nearby landmarks, pretty much just having an amazing time all around:

And one idea in particular they were REALLY excited about. In a park filled with trees, they thought it would be the most hilarious thing ever for everyone to pretend to be peeing on a different tree at the same time. So they spread out, assumed the position, and giggled their hearts out:

These were the photos they were most excited to see from the day, and they ended up not being very impressed with this super-incredible-fantastic-idea once they were looking at them on a computer monitor. But that’s ok, at least it’s a good story.

After galavanting about the city, the guys wrapped it up with some beers on the main level of our venue. They kicked back and posted to Instagram, while Larry wrote/refined his Best Man speech. They are just the most silly group of guys, and I really am happy to be marrying in to this group of hooligans:

Once it was time to help set up, it was all hands on deck. They took care of our heavy lifting, bringing things up elevators and through crooked passageways. I really appreciate all the help they provided.

Once everything was set up, all they had to do was wait for my girls and I to arrive. They had a room offset from where our ceremony would be which was a glass conference room. From there you could also see the skylight into the rooftop section of our venue.

Finally, my girls and I arrived and it was Nick’s turn with our hired photographer. He took incredible photos of Nick with his family:

And countless silly photos with his guys:

They managed to wind down in time to line up, where they joined my girls and I in our room and Nick stayed behind. Once they stepped in, it all became so real and I couldn’t think about anything besides seeing Nick.


…To be continued…



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