A Tea Party Wedding Shower

Nick and I will be having two separate showers – one with his family, and one with mine. I wrote a while back about our Pi Day Shower, and this is still happening! But first we had our shower with his family, and this one was a Tea Party.

We received the adorable invite to our shower in the mail, and it wasn’t until then that I even knew it was a Tea Party! I was so excited, I had not been to a Tea Party themed event yet.

A few days before the shower I decided that none of the dresses in my closet were right for the occasion, and I of course needed to go shopping. My ecstatic self made my way over to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile with a friend who also lived in the city to try things on. And as luck would have it, the best dress out of all I tried turned out to be only $15! Thank you Forever 21, you are the best

We made the long drive from Chicago to Detroit on Friday night, and Saturday morning we woke up to get ready for our shower! Funny story though – Nick forgot to pack his pants! We ended up being 10 minutes late to our own shower.

When we arrived, I was overcome with how darling everything turned out. Every place setting had its little dish with its little teacup and its cloth napkin and a mimosa. It was perfect! They had a sweetheart table set up for us, and a Bride-To-Be pin waiting for me. A table full of goodie bags was set up, each having a handmade and hand-decorated teacup or tea kettle cookie on the front. I found out then that Nick’s Aunt Janet often goes by Aunt Martha just because she is that good at all things ‘home.’

Nick’s Aunts, the hosts


As everyone arrived, introductions were made, and we played one game. Although it wasn’t really a game so much as a get-to-know-one-another session. Each table’s centerpiece had two printed questions, and whoever at the table drew them had to ask, answer it themselves, and then Nick & I would answer. And by the powers of serendipity, the perfect questions fell on to the perfect people! Nick’s very animated cousin got to tell her most embarrassing story, my ice-cream fanatic sister got share her favorite flavor, and a travel-savvy cousin got to share her dream vacation.

Afterwards we all had brunch, as cooked fresh by Nick’s Aunts. And it was phenomenal! They had made three different kind of quiches, along with a variety of pastries and yogurt with granola & fruits. It was delicious and fit perfectly with the atmosphere. The quiche variety was certainly the hit at the buffet table, with many craving for the recipe to take home with them. Ah, it was just so good.


After brunch, Nick and I started opening our gifts. Silly me – I had never before mentioned to him the whole broken ribbon = one child tradition. I handed him the first gift with a ribbon and he opened it extremely carefully, and successfully. After a few of these, he got fed up and just tore through those ribbons! Boy broke three of them by the end of it all, and we still have one more shower to go.


We were overwhelmed with the generosity of our family, receiving many gifts that we had been most excited about or in dire need of. When it came time to write our Thank-Yous, I truly enjoyed it. Lucky me, I actually had been itching to do some hand-writing and powered through every word. When each was finished, I still hoped to write some more! Bring on the shopping lists and to-do lists.


Our Tea Party shower was such a great time with Nick’s family. Everything turned out beautifully and we were surrounded by wonderful company. Please enjoy a few more pics!

2 thoughts on “A Tea Party Wedding Shower

    • Hi Emmy, so sorry the blog has been silent! As the wedding got closer we were dealing with the wedding itself, our move to Chicago, and a new job for myself. As we’re approaching our 1-year anniversary now, I’ll be starting to post again! Stay tuned, there is a LOT to catch up on


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