Dress Shopping – Mismatched Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride

Last weekend, a few of my girls, the MOB, MOG, and I met up at the mall to hunt for their dresses. And ‘hunt’ is the perfect descriptive verb here! We scoured the department stores first: JCPenney, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, and Sears. We thought it’d be easy to find dresses that fit our parameters since it’s currently homecoming season for high schools. Yet despite the season, it was very difficult to find short gray dresses. I can’t imagine what it’d be like during an off-season.

The majority of the gray dresses right now are business wear, so a lot of sheath dresses. Out of everyone shopping that day, I was the most liberal about the dresses for sure. I was excited for my girls to try on sheath dresses or sparkly dresses, all over the spectrum. I found out that, while they weren’t sure what they did want, they knew quite certainly what they didn’t want. And they didn’t want sheath dresses. Or sparkly ones.

The gang met up at JCPenney to start, where the only person to find a dress was… me! Yes, me, the bride… the one who we weren’t shopping for. But it was on sale, and it was a LBD, yet super stunning and unique, and I just had to have it. So my mom bought it for me, and I will get it for Christmas. So excited!

JCP Beaded Dress

Moving on.

We then headed to the remaining department stores and junior fashion shops. I personally thought there were a ton of great sparkly dresses (thanks homecoming), yet my girls were NOT having it. We did end up finding a few in Macy’s, but none were available in the right size. We were finally successful at Lord & Taylor’s, where my bridesmaid Kayla made the first bridesmaid purchase of the day!



IMG_0628 IMG_0580 IMG_0556 IMG_0562 IMG_0573 IMG_0583 IMG_0587

After hunting at the local Lakeside mall, we packed ourselves into two cars and headed over to the giant-mega-uber-outlet mall of the area about half an hour away: Great Lakes Crossing (after treating my girls to a Starbucks run of course). The mission for Great Lakes was to hit up Group USA, which was guaranteed to have everything we needed and the end of shopping. The place is huge, and dedicated to all things dressy. Whether that’s wedding or school dance, they have it. My girls took one look around and found… nothing. Not one dress there even fit our parameters, let alone was the one to buy.

Luckily the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom found plenty here, and ended up spending almost the whole mall visit in Group USA while my girls ventured for some leisurely shopping (Coach, Victoria’s Secret, etc.). They also managed to check a few of the department stores and junior fashion shops like we did before, but still didn’t find anything that was just right.

I stayed at Group USA with the MOB & MOG since they were trying things on, and I’m so happy to announce that my mom has found and purchased her MOB dress! It fit like a glove, and was everything she kept saying she wanted. Sure there were flashier, cooler dresses, but this one was it. She’s going to have so much fun in this dress on my wedding day, I can feel it!





IMG_0601 IMG_0607 IMG_0612 IMG_0625

And so concluded our search for the day. I’m going to mark the trip as successful since we walked away with one bridesmaid and one MOB having found their dresses. Thank you so much for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Dress Shopping – Mismatched Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride

  1. your mom looks stunning! Good luck with the bridesmaid hunt! The time I spent looking at bridesmaid dresses…oy…I could have like, invaded a whole country haha. But it was all worth it 🙂

  2. I love your mom’s dress! We got our bridesmaid dresses at B. Ella Bridal in Plymouth…I know that’s far for you but might be worth checking out because they have tons of options and you can order most of them in whatever color you want!


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