Ring Shopping For Him

Nick and I have gone browsing for men’s rings twice now, and it has been a lot of fun focusing on something that’s all about him! He gets pretty excited to go on these adventures, and has fun being involved. And I just like to go shopping haha!

The first time looking, we stopped at the local mall to figure out what style he liked. Here are some things we discovered about Nick’s taste in rings.

– Unfortunately for me, Nick doesn’t like a matte or satin finish, which I love
– He also likes princess cut stones (or as guys call it, ‘square,’ because that’s more manly), but doesn’t like round
– In general, he likes hard edges as opposed to any curve or swirl in the design
– If there are stones, he prefers black or blue
– And finally, while we love the look of all the tungsten/titanium/etc. rings, we found he also doesn’t like these for a couple of reasons. One, the thickness of the band made the ring come high off his finger, making it harder to close all his fingers together. Two, these metals cannot be resized later in life, or easily repaired.

So it looks like we are going with a white gold, shiny finish, and (if there are stones) princess cut. See some pics below from our first trip!




Can you tell he is drawn to black accents?

The next time we ventured out, we stopped at the “expensive” mall to look for some more unique ideas. We definitely found them!




We’ve yet to officially decide on a ring, and may even go out one more time to check a few more stores. It’s so hard to decide on something you’re going to wear for the rest of your life.

Let me know your thoughts in a comment below! I would love to hear some reader’s opinions.

Wish us luck


3 thoughts on “Ring Shopping For Him

    • No, we’ll have to check them out! We visited the jewelry shops at Lakeside Mall (Kay’s, Helzberg, etc.), and then at Somerset Mall (Tapper’s, Tiffany’s, etc.)

  1. Shameless plug for Atlas Jewelers in Shelby Township (near lakeside mall) Can’t find what you’re looking for and want to do something special? We can make it. We can take all of your favorite ideas and put in to one. Black diamonds, matte finish/ high shine, set in super white gold alloy that does not need rhodium plating.
    Glad you went to somerset first. Our prices will make you very happy. Check out my blog on WordPress. Atlasbenchtalk.Wordpress.Com


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