Our Detroit Wedding Receives an Inspirational Blogger Award!

A huge thank you to FashionBride for nominating me! It’s so uplifting to see there are people out there reading my itsy-bitsy-microscopic corner of the interwebz. I highly recommend any new brides out there to subscribe to the FashionBride blog, as she posts so many amazing dresses every day.

The Rules!

1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you
2. List the rules and display the award
3. Share seven facts about yourself
4. Nominate 10 other amazing blogs let them know they have been nominated

Seven FUN facts about Sarah (that’s me!)
I’ll try to mix these up from a previous post

1. My high school was performing the Wizard of Oz musical one year, and it really became a family affair for me. Both my middle sister and I auditioned as we were both actually attending the school. Then when we needed munchkins, everyone was asked if they had young siblings who wanted to be involved. Now we had our youngest sister in it too. THEN, of course, we needed a Toto. And who do you think has a small, well-behaved, black dog? Oh, that’d be us! Rehearsal’s were really fun that year.

2. My favorite word is “Inspire,” no joke. I think this word alone captures so much energy, hope, and magic. If I was the kind of person who got tattoos, I would have one of this word. When I found that I was nominated for an inspiring blogger award, my heart leapt.

3. This is my desk at work…
Taken as a homemade-in-Paint panoramic!

So let me tell you what you’re looking at here. You’ll find lots of work-related comic clippings, some si-fi paraphernalia, a Tardis mini fridge, homemade peacock plant, LOTS of pop (Mt. Dew specifically), and ballet posters. Pretty much everything that isn’t a pen or a piece of paper is there to let me have a mini escape without having to leave my desk. Although I would really rather leave my desk!

4. I’m pretty damn obsessed with shopping at Salvation Army, or on eBay and Craigslist. Gimme that deal!

5. My fiancé (Nick) and I have a shared Google calendar that totally saves our social lives. Our friends make fun of us for checking our calendar to make plans, but you don’t see us forgetting birthday parties or double-booking dinner dates.

6. I don’t really ever wash my car. When I’m driving and stare at the bug guts on my windshield I totally think about it, but then never follow through. I need to get better at this.

7. I collect Ugly Dolls. They’re so much fun! My first one was Plunko, he’s a businessman.

And lastly, my own nominees! These bloggers have been so incredibly fun to read, thank you so much for sharing your stories and personalities:

1. One Awkward Year – Incredibly adorable and quirky style of writing, she just tells readers about what’s been going on in her life and will literally make you LOL. And want to be her best friend.

2. The Upsizers – A father blogging (in part) about his daughter’s upcoming wedding and the planning process. His tone is a hilarious, typical-father one and uses imaginative analogies that always make me laugh.

3. My Tiny Obsessions – She blogs about all her interests, which translate into multiple fandoms out there and pretty much align with all of mine. Trailers, comparisons, .gifs, you name it!

4. And 5. House of Bennetts/ The Adventures of Z&K – Newlyweds blogging about married life. Home, health, and much more in between.

6. Why? Because Science – A science blog both for those who want to learn, and those who know enough to get the joke. Written with humor and fun to read.

7. The Natalie Diaries – Planning her wedding, and having a fun time doing it. I love her style!

8. 507 Days – Another bride-to-be in planning. She lets the reader feel very involved in decisions and happenings

9. Life & Times of a Realist Bride – A soon to be Mrs that is also planning a Detroit wedding. She covers a bunch of different planning topics she’s going through, and true to the name keeps it real

10. Nobody Puts Sarah In The Corner – she posts pictures of cats, books, comics, and keeps readers up to date on what is happening in her life. Very snackable content

Thanks for inspiring the blogosphere everyone! I love your work and can’t wait for more.

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