Packing Your Bridesmaids’ Bags

Gift bags that is! Customizing bags for your bridesmaids is definitely an exciting way to show your girls how much you love them. Personal Creations recently reached out to me and request that I cover this topic, and I am thrilled to oblige.

The whole wedding planning process offers a bride a few different occasions to shower her bridesmaids with a little love, and she can choose to do anywhere from all to none of these suggestions. Please use the following lists as an idea-generator. Each one can have items added, subtracted, or customized to fit exactly yours and your girl’s style.

(Side note, a personal pet peeve of mine is when bridesmaids receive gifts that say “bridesmaid” or the wedding date, etc. They won’t be able to use these outside of your wedding/bachelorette party, so instead opt for their name or initials)

Opportunity #1: Asking your besties to be your bridesmaids

This bag is all about sharing the excitement, so make sure these items are celebratory in nature. After you’ve asked (and she’s hopefully accepted), maybe you can indulge in your gift bag together!

–       Wine – or hey, maybe she’s a whiskey girl
–       Tumbler – or other device used to hold your delicious drink, such as a wine or pint glass
–       Sweets – think candies, snacks, or desserts
–       Flowers – either a playful fake bouquet, or a nice arrangement that can remind her of the excitement over the next few days every time she sees it
–       Bridal Magazines – a definite “must” to fuel the bridesmaid fire!

Opportunity #2: Rehearsal Dinner Thank-You

This bag should have a sentimental feel. Planning is over, and most likely she’s helped you struggle with DIY projects and wiggled into too many dresses that weren’t her first choice. Thank-yous are not a time for gag gifts, but rather to make an impact and pull at the heart strings. This is a great occasion to have their name or monogram printed on.

–       Jewelry – maybe even a set she can wear with her bridesmaid dress
–       Accessories – such as a clutch or hairpiece, and again could be something to match with the bridesmaids
–       Keepsakes – think Things Remembered, such as music boxes or charms
–       Nostalgia – Things such as photos, favorite board games, etc. that mean something to just the two of you. Anything that sparks an inside joke will make you feel infinitely closer
–       Handwritten Note – the best thank you of all time

Opportunity #3: Day-of Survival, One Bag to Rule Them All

So this bag is more like a natural disaster emergency rather than a gift. But definitely the most important of all the bags! I would recommend that this bag is actually a small duffel, so that only one needs to be toted around and everything is in one place.

Above the shoulders
–       Bobby pins in all colors
–       Hairspray – both for frizz and for hold
–       Comb/brush
–       Makeup used that day
–       Mirror

–       Safety pins
–       Needle and thread
–       Folding scissors
–       Tape – I recommend masking tape because it’s strong enough to attach to fabric or skin, yet won’t hurt or damage when removed
–       Tide pen or other stain treatment
–       Clear nail polish
–       Static cling spray – or dryer sheet

–       For pain – Ibuprofen is safe to take if you’ve been drinking
–       For headaches – if you get them really bad and need more than Ibuprofen. I know Excedrin works best for my family and me
–       For cramps – again, if Ibuprofen just won’t cut it. Midol!
–       For digestion – Tums or similar
–       Tampons or pads
–       Band aids
–       Deodorant
–       Contact case and solution
–       Eye drops
–       To-go toothbrushes
–       Floss or toothpicks
–      Chapstick
–       Mints
–       Nail file
–       Water

–       Super glue
–       Straws – so your lipstick isn’t ruined
–       Electric razor – or regular razor that’s safe to use dry
–       Towel – So you can sit on a wet  bench or dirty ledge for your outdoor pics
–       Q-tips
–       Flip flops
–       Phone charger

If you do want to make separate bags for each girl as well, here are a few things that could be given individually rather than sharing the community bag:

–       Mirror
–       Ibuprofen
–       Floss or toothpicks
–       Mints
–       Flip flops
–       Straws or a tumbler
–       Water
–       Energy drink
–       Snacks – I recommend anything that comes as a bar, except for candy bars

Special considerations for your wedding conditions

–       Sunblock
–       Insect repellant
–       Allergy medicine
–       Hand fans
–       Umbrellas
–       Heel tabs – for safe walking on grass

Short dresses
–       Lotion
–       Pantyhose

Non Alcoholic, or Beer & Wine package
–       Hidden flask of your favorite liquor. I won’t tell if you won’t!

–       Hand warmers
–       Matching coats or shawls
–       Matching gloves, mittens, or hand muffs
–       Boots – have everyone bring a pair in case your blessed/cursed with lots of snow

Obviously I’ve listed a lot of items here. Gauge for yourself which things you’ll be able to carry with you from home, to the ceremony, to the reception, and back. But no matter what may go wrong, always remember that as long as you’re married to the person you love, it has been a beautiful and successful wedding.

Happy packing!




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