Mother of the Bride Dress Shopping

Every Wednesday over the summer I have dinner with my family – followed by a group viewing of that night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Last week while we were eating, my sister and Maid of Honor suggested we stop by a bridal shop really quick before they close to see what kind of bridesmaid dresses she likes. Great idea! We had an hour to kill before the show started anyway.

Practically a second after we decided on this, her boyfriend called to say that he was home from work and had a really bad day. She darted over there, and we lost our dress date. At that moment, my mom got this I’m-trying-to-be-subtle smile on her face and suggested we instead look at Mother of the Bride dresses.

Why of course mom!

We drove over to the nearest shop that was still open and glanced over the dresses on the racks. I asked my mom if she had an idea of what she was looking for, and she narrowed it down to chiffon and not strapless. That made leafing through all the dresses pretty easy, as most dresses don’t fit those parameters. I’m surprised by how many MOB dresses are strapless. I don’t personally know many moms that are comfortable with strapless. These dresses make them wear a jacket/bolero/whatever to cover up what the dress can’t. Just give them straps!

The most fun I had with this experience was picking out dresses my mom didn’t  want to try on (but I knew were fabulous). She loved to do the same for me when I was trying on my bridal gowns, and now it was my turn. I only used this power for two dresses this time, but I’m hoping there will be more to come.

Without further ado, the dresses! PS – my mom refuses to smile for the pic, thinking I won’t take it, but I do anyway. This results in ridiculous faces that aren’t flattering at all.

MOB02 MOB03 "I look like a nun!" "Oh, you should take all the pictures from the side like this" MOB07 MOB08 MOB09 MOB11 MOB13

Can you tell I picked out the last one?! She admitted once she put it on that it was actually not that bad, considering she thought she’d be looking like Lady GaGa when I pulled it off the rack.

She ended up liking the black one (dress #7) the best, so we had the store write it down in their handy-dandy binder and we were on our way. A day later she went to another boutique with my Aunt Robin (her sister) to try on different dresses and has apparently found one she likes even better. I can’t wait to see it! Now that she’s started trying on dresses, she’s finally using Pinterest. I showed her how she can bring all the dresses she’s considering together in one place and now it’s taken off. Pinterest is just so freaking useful.

My mom will look so amazing on mine and Nick’s wedding day. Besides us, she’ll definitely be the star of the show.

Also, how amazing is So You Think You Can Dance?! I’m ready for the Top 20 to start dancing already.

5 thoughts on “Mother of the Bride Dress Shopping

  1. My mom didn’t want strapless either! She ended up getting one that comes with a jacket. That way she has the option of taking it off. I had just as much fun helping her pick out a dress as I did picking out mine! I found bridesmaid dresses to be stressful though lol – big decision! Your mom looks great in all of them. I can’t help but love that gray ball gown !

    • Yeah I totally agree – MOB dress is fun, bridesmaids dresses though bring stress. Luckily for us we’re doing mismatched, so my girls are picking out their own, but even that can be stressful with how the girls will constantly ask if what they like is ok. There’s no getting rid of it.
      And that gray one was the other one I picked for her to try! She did like it, but the fact that those capped sleeves wouldn’t stay put bothered her. Plus she liked the black one better anyway, so I wasn’t going to fight it….

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