Engagement Ring Masterpieces: My Interview with Designer Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider in a renowned jewelry designer with an impressive and captivating roster depicted across his website. His designs push boundaries and truly stand out as unique.


Not only do I love his work, I’m also lucky enough to own a piece – my engagement ring and wedding band combo. Nick proposed to me with his “Bloom” ring (read about here) and I don’t think I’ll ever stop staring at it.

After reaching out to Mark, he actually agreed to do a short interview with me! Please read below for a little insight on the talented designer and that which he creates.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sarah: Tell us something about yourself that we might not be able to read on the “About Mark” section of your webpage.

Mark: Something that many people don’t know about me is that my first career choice was to be a veterinarian.

Sarah: Is there someone in your family with whom you confide in the most during the design process?

Mark: I usually work by myself when I am creating a new design.

Sarah: How does it feel when you meet someone wearing one of your pieces?

Mark: When I see someone wearing a piece that I designed, I feel honored that someone liked one of my pieces and was willing to spend their hard earned dollars to purchase it.

Sarah: Your list of awards goes on and on – which one would you say you were most excited to receive?

Mark: I find that it’s usually the most recent award that sticks in my mind the most. My most recent award was the President’s Award from the Cultured Pearl Association of America for the Pearl Wave Ring. This was one that came out of my mind and onto the paper and was able to be made exactly the way I wanted it. I’m not always 100% satisfied with the finished result of a design, and this one was the exception – I was happy with everything about it, so the award made it that much more special.


Sarah: You have a piece on display in the Smithsonian Museum! Can you tell us how that came about?

Mark: The ring that is now in the Smithsonian originally won a Spectrum Award in Platinum Honors. Jeffrey Post, curator of the gem & mineral section of the Smithsonian was at the award presentation, and at the time, he was looking for a piece for their collection that showcased a beautiful example of tanzanite. I was honored that they chose my piece.

MarkSchneiderSmithsonian  MSsmithsonian

Sarah: Is there a piece available in one of your engagement collections that has a story behind it you can share?

Mark: Several of my award winning pieces have been translated into engagement rings (luxury, unforgettable, ultimate, etc.), which gives me added confirmation that the designs were unique and special enough for the brides who have chosen them.

MSLuxury1 MSunforgettable1 MSUltimate1

 MSLuxury2 MSunforgettable2 MSUltimate2

Sarah: Is there a piece you’ve made solely for yourself or a loved one that means a lot to you? Could you tell us the story behind it?

Mark: There are several pieces I have made as project pieces for the American Jewelry Design Council, which are not meant to be sold and are purely designed for the enjoyment of creativity.

Sarah: Have you ever been surprised by your own design?

Mark: I don’t know that I have been surprised by my own designs, but I have been surprised by the response to some of my designs.

Sarah: Is there an idea you have for an engagement ring that you haven’t been able to do yet?

Mark: There are many ideas for designs that I have had that have not yet come to fruition. The enjoyment of designing jewelry is knowing that there is no limit to what can be created, and that is what excites me the most about designing jewelry. I’m always looking to create designs that are new and engaging

Sarah: What’s next for yourself and the company?

Mark: I’m working on creating new creative designs that push the envelope for engagement rings

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Working with Mark Schneider Designs was an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much to Mark and Danielle for taking the time to make this interview a reality.

And now time for eye candy! Here are some more amazing pieces by Mark that I love:








3 thoughts on “Engagement Ring Masterpieces: My Interview with Designer Mark Schneider

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  2. My husband and I were engaged in 2012. We had the pleasure of meeting Mark Schneider while picking out a ring in his Long Beach, California store. I feel especially lucky to have met the designer of my ring. We moved to Tennessee shortly after.

    Last year, a new jeweler opened up in Florence, Alabama called Grogan Jewelers. I was getting a necklace fixed there and was pleasantly surprised that they carried a large selection of Mark Schneider’s designs. Mark is a very gifted designer. I’m so glad I ran across this lovely article about him.

  3. Actually his engagement rings has very uniqueness and all designs are fresh…eye pleasant designs his sharing in the market…its my pleasure to post view on his article.


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