My Ring

I really really really love my ring (what bride doesn’t)! It’s so special to me, and I feel a strong urge to share this with the rest of the blogosphere.

My ring is Mark Schneider’s “Bloom.” What I like most about my engagement ring is that it looks better with the wedding band. Normally while both are beautiful on their own, I don’t feel a ring and its band work together. But with mine, the band truly makes it complete:




If you look at the ring sans-band, you can also see a small gold heart shape at the bottom of the ring. This piece has a small diamond in the center, and will eventually lock into the band. How cute is that! Inscribed into that small diamond is a message that reads, “Love You Forever.” Such a small detail on all of Mark Schneider’s rings that really stands apart. Read about it here.

Nick proposing to me with this ring was no accident either.

I work in the media department of Doner Advertising agency. At the time, my client was ADT’s Small Business division and I received the magazines in which our ads were running. My favorite was the magazine for jewelry store owners, titled InStore. I’d leaf through it and with each piece that caught my eye, I’d go browsing through their website.

When I came across Mark Schneider’s ad and then his website, I was stuck for probably the rest of the working day drooling over his designs. I specifically became obsessed with “Bloom” from the floral engagement rings. I started showing it to the women in my family and a few of my girlfriends. Inevitably, one time when Nick and I had been drinking all night at his cousin’s wedding, I even showed him.

When he took me to the top of the hill after skydiving and I saw that ring – the one I had envisioned but couldn’t imagine having – it really made the moment feel like a fairytale. Everything about Nick’s proposal (see post) was spectacular. He truly surprised me on every level; when, where, and the ring. It took me a second to recognize it too, since I’d never seen it in person. I realized this after I put it on, bringing a second wave of crazy excitement. So much excitement:

Thank you Nick for the most stunning ring I could’ve possibly hoped for. I love it, and every time the sun hits it… well, see above .gifs. But more importantly, I love you ❤

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And a big thank you to Mark Schneider for sharing this post on his Facebook! It’s an honor.

MSFB Ring Share

Please check out my interview with Mark Schneider himself!
Engagement Ring Masterpieces: My Interview with Designer Mark Schneider

5 thoughts on “My Ring

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  2. I love you to the moon and back Sarah. Seeing all of your gifs brought your excitement back to life. I miss you!

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