Gray with a Chance of Straps

As I’ve written about previously (post), my bridesmaids will be wearing mismatched dresses. I’ve chosen to do mismatched dresses for a number of reasons…

– One, with a wide variety of body-types across my eight girls, mismatched dresses allow each to find a dress that makes them look and feel amazing.

– Two, for my friends still in school and in need of saving money, mismatched dresses let them decide their own budget.

– Three, all of my girls are absolutely full of personality and they definitely have their own styles. Mismatched dresses help emphasize this while still having them pull together as one cohesive image of “bridesmaid.”

– Finally, this way they can pick a dress they’d actually like to wear again. I’ve been trying to find a clip from the movie 27 Dresses about shortening it and wearing it again but alas, no luck.

With mismatched dresses, though, general guidelines for the look we’re trying to accomplish do need to be set so that everyone has some kind of starting point. Here are my style-rules to help find or rule out dresses as they search:

– Grey (any shade, any fabric)
– Short (above the knee, below the fingertips)
– No high/low dresses
– No bandage dresses
– Commit to no tanlines for the neckline you choose
– To be approved by bride before purchase

The most important part of these rules is running it by me before they buy. The main reason for this, again, is the cohesive image. If all the girls pick dresses that are light gray, but one girl picks a dress that’s dark gray, I’ll have to ask her to pick a different one since it would look black against the rest.

I have indeed made a Pinterest board full of gray dresses (like, over 200) that I would approve of, and am really excited every time I find another dress to add. Some of my bridesmaids have already seen the board and started browsing, but I won’t actually send out the dress info to them until we’re at least a year away from the wedding.

Behold! Some style predictions for what dresses on my board my bridesmaids will choose:

Megan – a mix of classy and sexy somewhere between Jackie O and Kim Kardashian

Prediction Megan

Katrina – she’s said she doesn’t want strapless or chiffon, and I think this would look great on her

Prediction Katrina

Danielle – my designer-loving sister, who’s also specified no strapless

Prediction Danielle

Lauren – this one loves a good sundress and embellishments, in this case lace

Prediction Lauren

Marlisa – simple and classic all around

Prediction Marlisa

Denise – also simple and classic all around

Prediction Denise

Theresa – the hippie of the group

Prediction Theresa2

Kayla – likes making a statement, bring on the sparkle

Prediction Kayla


So altogether, we’ve got:


And FYI, these are my girls in the same order:


*I should also add the disclaimer that these are not necessarily the dresses I hope they pick, nor are they my general favorites – just predictions of choice based on style.

Time for some links!

Pinterest bridesmaid dresses board

Post about my bridesmaids

Post about mismatching dresses

I’m so excited to see what everyone actually picks. They’re going to look so wonderful!


11 thoughts on “Gray with a Chance of Straps

  1. I totally agree on your reasons for mismatched dresses. They will look beautiful in different grays! In my wedding, half the girls will wear marine blue dresses and half will wear clover green, so there’s more potential for wrong colors, but I gave each bridesmaid a swatch. The variety will be so much more fun than all matchy-matchy.

  2. I love this idea! Wonder if your predictions will be accurate. What a fun wedding game for you. People always want to see how well they know the bride and groom. Now you can see how well you know your girls.

    • Plus it takes one big thing off the bride’s plate and that is a huge bonus. If it lowers the stress level and makes others happy, then it’s definitely a win-win!

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