Pi Day 2015: One Year from Today

A year from today is mine and Nick’s wedding shower with my family and our friends. I’m so excited! Finally something has reached the year-countdown point.

Since Nick and I are a bit nerdy, we really love Pi Day. We originally wanted our actual wedding day to be Pi Day, but everything else involved the outdoors – something Michigan and the month of March wouldn’t agree on. So the perfect alternative was the wedding shower. Plus we can go overboard with a theme on that one without it being distasteful.

Here’s what’s for sure! And OMG it’s perfect.

We have already booked the date, time, and menu with – get this – PI BANQUET HALL! This place really exists, thank you to the Pinterest post that lead me to it. Right now it’s only 5-10 minutes from where I work too, so I was able to see it in person. The outside of the building is actually curved, and inside they have little π symbols in the molding.


The only downside is that it’s really difficult to find from the road. We will have to take extra care to provide this info and make sure everyone has what they need to find it.


Google StreetView – it’s behind the pine trees


How to actually get there

Some other things that are already pulling together are actually the prizes. Since the shower is the first thing about the wedding to actually be official with a signed contract and everything, my mom has been rolling with it. There were recently some Bath & Body Works Groupons available, so she stocked up on a bunch of lotions, hand soaps, and candles.

Another prize effort is being worked on by myself, my mom, and my aunt – we’re all logging in our Lean Cuisine rewards points (typical office lunch) and cashing them in for goodies. We’ve got a few of these adorable salt and pepper shakers that are white ceramic birds, among other things. My favorite is a tumbler that says “Drink in the moment”. Gotta cash in a lot of points for that one though, so we’ve only got one so far.

LeanCuisineBirds LeanCuisineWineStop LeanCuisineToGo LeanCuisineTumbler

If anyone reading this happens to eat Lean Cuisines and would like to help us gather up points, I would absolutely love to accept! Just let me know the code on the inside of the box, and what the meal was (contact form on “about me” page). If not, I highly recommend starting your own account and getting some goodies.

Coming back to the wedding shower…. I have soooo many ideas for this and am ecstatic to geek-out with my friends and family. Below are a bunch of thoughts, but at the moment that’s all they are:

– Invitations in the shape of a circle

– Nerd theme – not necessarily Pi Day theme

– Groomsmen will be invited since this is right up their alley

– Each table will have a different nerd theme, for example: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Mario, Tetris, etc.

– Possibility of amazing competitive games between tables since each would already have their nerd-identity

– Possibly give out pie slicers as favors

– Deciding between pie for dessert or nerd cake (more likely). See the one below – a lady around the corner from my parents actually made this! We’re going cake-tasting this weekend to see if we’d like to hire her for mine.


Again, SO EXCITED! I think Nick and I will wear our matching Starry Night outfits (as in Van Gogh)


My Starry Night Dress. Nick has a matching tie.

Happy Pi Day everyone!



6 thoughts on “Pi Day 2015: One Year from Today

  1. Hey, Sarah–a bit of caution regarding circular invitation (my invitation post will be coming up soon). A circular invitation will require a square envelope, which, in turn, requires additional postage. Just saying…Mark

  2. That’s hilarious! I can’t believe there’s a pi building. But wait, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are considered “nerdy” ?!!?!? Man, I’ve been missing out calling myself a nerd!

    • Yes! Pretty much if it’s based of books it can fall into that category =P Check out the website ThinkGeek for awesome stuff! They’ve got both separated into their own retail categories and it’s fantastic.

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