When Wedding Planning Causes Nightmares

Last night, I had my first wedding nightmare. I don’t mean something went horribly wrong in planning, I mean I dreamt about my wedding day as Murphy’s Law while I slept.

The main source of all things that went wrong in this dream was that it was happening this May, 2014, instead of May 2015. It felt like I had a one-week engagement and walked into my wedding day not knowing what was going on. Nothing was ready, and apparently I hadn’t reached out to a single vendor. There was no photographer, no decorations, and the reception had no tables or chairs! Let alone tents, food, etc.

Backing up to where it all started. I walked into the church (we’re not actually getting married in a church) to get ready and help set up. Everyone seemed to be there already but as if we were all just hanging out. Our guests were chatting and lounging, lemonades in their hand and sunglasses on (because my dream couldn’t decide if we were inside or outside). I did not actually do a thing to set up for the ceremony or the reception. We just all sat, hung out, and talked about how amazing today was going to be.

Then I suddenly realized, It must be getting close, I should go change and do my hair and makeup and stuff. But then I also started thinking, wait, when is the ceremony starting? It was at this point that the dream became a nightmare, because I realized that nothing was done! We’d only all managed to show up at the same place on the same day and that was it.

I hurried into my dress (nothing like my real one), which was far too big for me as I had not had it altered. It was also strapless, unlike my real one, so having it oversized like this meant I held it up with my hands the whole time. I also had no time to do my hair or makeup, so it ended up looking the same way it does every day – which only ever takes me 10 minutes.

One of the worse parts of this nightmare which kept recurring was Nick nearly seeing me before the ceremony. Every time he’d walk into a room where I was I’d instantly fall to the floor and scream “GET OUT!” over and over again. Then finally one time I couldn’t avoid him and he saw me.

But this was a dream so something weird happened. I did try to run and not watch him looking at me, and it was like my mind did it but my dream-body stayed right where it was and kept on with the events. So while my point-of-view ran outside of the room, my body actually stayed there and embraced Nick, hugging and kissing him through his tears of happiness. I missed my own First Look! That was a load of bull.

After that, I excused myself to take care of some last minute things, and ran to my bedroom (apparently it’s now in the church?) to lie down on the floor and cry overly dramatically the same way a Disney Princess would.

That’s when the dream ended and transformed into… I think a desert vacation with my family?

When my alarm went off fairly soon after this dream, I refused to wake up because I needed to dream something else before I went on with my day. It worked, but I didn’t forget about my wedding nightmare.

Some props to our Maid of Honor and Best Man for being pretty amazing in my dream though. Megan was so helpful in getting Nick away each time he came into the room, and even tried practicing the ceremony with the officiant really quick since we also hadn’t had a rehearsal in this nightmare. Then Larry was cool as a cucumber, taking care of our groomsmen and making sure they weren’t being roudy as everyone was just waiting. Thanks guys!

The craziest part about this was that I was the only one who could see nothing was planned (true to real brides maybe?). People were just there mingling, unaware that there were no tables or chairs or food.

Have you had any wedding nightmares yet?


6 thoughts on “When Wedding Planning Causes Nightmares

  1. I was actually surprised when about a month ago I had my first POSITIVE dream about my wedding. Every nightmare I have has very similar themes to yours…I’m not prepared and nothing is ready and it is extremely stressful. The good thing is that with so much time before your wedding you know you will never live that in reality 🙂


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