“Is this your boyfriend?” “Not yet.”

So, Nick and I had been friends for almost 5 years before we finally started dating. We definitely liked each other when we both met, but shortly after I started dating someone else and for the next 5 years we were never single at the same time.

Fast forward to a few months before my 21st birthday, Nick and I were finally single at the same time. But since he was away at college, we did not immediately ignite the flame or start heavily flirting. We simply kept up with our banter-via-text and catching up with each other. My mom totally called it right away. We were so accustomed to being friends that I never thought we would take that next step.

My friend Marlisa’s birthday is only a month before mine and can fall on or around Thanksgiving – so for her party I invited Nick, knowing that he’d be home for the holiday. This was the first time we made it clear that we were totally into each other. During J(dr)enga, I sat on his lap, and he would put his arms around me. I had so many butterflies in my stomach!

Unfortunately, Drenga will get you. Nick spent most of the night in the bathroom after that, meaning Sarah wasn’t getting the make-out sesh she was hoping for.


At Marlisa’s 21st Birthday Party

Fast forward a month – to MY birthday!


Luckily my birthday is during the holiday break and Nick was home to celebrate. My one friend Lauren and I usually end up celebrating our birthdays together because hers is the 28th and mine is the 29th, so we just party hard for two days. The party bus on the night of the 28th brought Nick and I very close. At one point Marlisa was sitting across from us, and while I was distracted, she confided in Nick that he just needed to kiss me already. Thank you girl! It worked =)


On our party bus

But it was on New Year’s Day that really pushed our relationship to be official. My friends were having a party, and a guy who goes by “Big Eddie” saw that I had some handsome man-candy on my arm all night. So he asks,

“Is this your boyfriend?”

I looked at Nick for what felt like a minute, when in reality it was just a second. We hadn’t discussed our title and he hadn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet.

“Not yet.”


New Year’s Eve at his friend’s house

The next day as we were hanging out at his house in the evening, Nick interrupted the momentary lull in our conversation with a so-what-was-that-about question. So I told him straightforward – you haven’t asked me yet!

It only took a second before he made that problem disappear.

Ever since then, Nick has proven himself to be my soulmate, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like right now if we had remained just friends. Thank you Nick for that moment when our adventure together began. And I’m going to give myself some credit for the little push you needed =)

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