Her Dresses Are Taking Over Pinterest – My Interview with Veluz Reyes

Dresses Veluz

Veluz Puno-Reyes’ dresses can be seen all over Pinterest – but the links never seem to take you to her site. Once I saw a few of them I began the hunt for the designer, and hopefully a website full of other stunning creations.

I was successful! I found her website and blog where she has posted a bunch of her dresses and the brides she made them for. Reyes, who lives in the Philippines, specializes in custom designs with intricate embellishments and details. I even bring photos of her dresses with me as I shop for my own and say, “I want something like this.” She has set my own standard of what I want in a wedding dress – and I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak with her! Please read on for some Q & A:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sarah – Tell us something about yourself that we might not be able to learn from your “About Veluz” on the website.

Veluz – I am happily married to a shrimp farmer and a mother to four beautiful kids. I can cook shrimps and I aspire to be a chef.

Sarah – How would you say most people are hearing about you?

Veluz – From the start, my marketing focus has always been by word of mouth. Social media helps my efforts tremendously. I am very happy with the mileage my gowns are getting on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media and very grateful to all links back to my site.

Sarah – When did your U.S. custom requests really start flooding in? How did you first handle it?

Veluz – I do get quite a handful of orders for both [Ready-To-Wear] and custom gowns from international clients. Perhaps the more surprising thing is that Brazil and Africa are at par with the U.S. in terms of inquiries. Although I wouldn’t really call it flooding in. I handle it exactly the same as a local order.

Sarah – Do you have a favorite designer of your own that you may look to for inspiration?

Veluz – I’ve always revered Alexander McQueen, admired the feminine look of Oscar de la Renta’s dresses and love how every Vera Wang dress seems very well thought out.

Sarah – If you were to get married in one of your own dresses, which would it be?

Veluz – I did get married in a custom Veluz gown.  Really very simple, no embellishments.  But then that dress is me.  I’ve always believed that a gown should reflect who you are.  Nothing more, nothing less, just you at your best. Even for the [Ready-To-Wear] dresses, I want my brides to choose the gown that they can relate too.

Sarah – Is there anything you’ve been thinking of doing for a dress but haven’t yet?

Veluz – I constantly learn new techniques, experiment with different materials,  and always look forward to meeting brides who inspire.

Sarah – Finally, tell us about your favorite step(s) in creating a dress.

Veluz – That point where the gown starts to come to life. When the embellishments start to come together and the final edit thrills me no end.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Being able to interview with Veluz was an absolute pleasure. I hope her business continues to grow, along with her aspiration to be a chef!

Below are some photos of my favorite Veluz dresses. Please click them to be directed to more pictures:

Veluz Meryll

Veluz Maita

Veluz Kathrina

Veluz Maryan

Veluz - Karmina

Ready-To-Wear dresses range from $2,900-$3,670, and Custom dresses start at $5,000

Take some time out of your day to drool over more of her dresses from the website: veluzbride.com

Tell us your thoughts on her dresses in a comment below! We’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

And thanks to Veluz for sharing our interview on her Facebook!

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