Thinking About Flowers for our Yellow & Gray Wedding

Pinterest and The Knot have definitely sparked my interest in planning our flowers for the wedding – an aspect I didn’t expect to be excited about. I’m a strange girl and actually don’t care much for flowers. I think it’s a lot of money for things that don’t last long, and with respect to a wedding – may not turn out looking how you wanted them to. Although when Nick brings me some unexpected flowers a few times a year, the gesture itself is absolutely amazing (and he always brings me yellow ones).

But here I am, thinking about flowers! We haven’t looked into florists or anything specific yet, but one thing we know is that we don’t want to pay a lot. The look of our wedding will be modern, so we’ll want to go with simple/smooth/sleek flowers to pull that together (definitely will be using billy balls! See pictures at the end of the post).

One of my concerns is whether to use floral arrangements as centerpieces. My instincts say absolutely not because of the modern look we’re going for, but seeing more and more examples on Pinterest (again, primarily billy balls) are swaying me:

Flowers - Billy Ball Centerpiece


For the bouquets, I personally love the cascading bridal bouquet, but am wrestling with the idea of how much more money that will be. Below is a picture from one of my girlfriend’s weddings that made me fall in love with this style. Although, I have yet to see a good cascading bouquet using the flowers that I like.

Flowers - Marlisa Bouquet

No matter what though, I do want a bouquet that will cover my hands. So if the cascade doesn’t really work out, I’ll probably lean toward a big-ol’ sphere of flowers!

Flowers - Round Bouquet

One thing that will for sure be happening: Billy ball boutonnieres for the guys:

Flowers - Billy Ball Boutineirres

Without further ado, below are some of the flowers that I’ll be asking our eventual florist about:

Sunflowers: Actually leaning against them even though they’re my favorite flower because of how much more modern all the other options look:

Bouquet - Sunflower Eucalyptus

Pictured with eucalyptus – my preferred green


Bouquet - Tulips

Not sure if these could be made into a bouquet that would cover my hands


Bouquet - Daffodils


Bouquet - Protea


Bouquet - Cockscomb

It’s the yellow swirly flower embedded in the bouquet – I love what it adds to the look!

And of course, Billy Balls:

Bouquet - Billy Balls

What do you think of these choices? Let me know if I’m missing any that are modern-looking and come in yellow!


2 thoughts on “Thinking About Flowers for our Yellow & Gray Wedding

  1. Are you 100% sure that you want to use real flowers for your bouquet? I also cringe at the prices of cut flowers for a wedding, so we’re opting not to have real/cut flowers. I am making my own brooch bouquet to carry, but my friend bought a bouquet of dried flowers on etsy to carry for her bridal bouquet and to have as a keepsake. Just saying, there are options for those of us who can’t see spending a lot on something that will die shortly!

    My favorite of the ones you posted is the protea bouquet based on the little balls in that bouquet, but if I were choosing for myself, I’d pick the cockscomb bouquet!


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