My Hunt for the Perfect Dress

My mom has been saying for years that she wants either myself or my sisters to be engaged (not married!) just so she can go shopping for dresses. Now that it has finally arrived, we have indulged in this desire to the extreme – I think I’ve been to about 6 shops and counting.

And it HAS been fun! And also daunting for sure. My mind is super-saturated with images of me in all of these dresses. At first I was trying on every style, trying to see if any would surprise me. And surprisingly, none of the styles surprised me – I liked what I expected to like and didn’t care for ones I thought I wouldn’t.

Once I got a feel for the styles that looked great and features I absolutely wanted, I began searching on etsy and ebay for the more unique dresses (the dress I want doesn’t seem to be carried by many stores). I like the chiffon-goddess style fit, and I absolutely want a special back to the dress – either intricate/sheer detail or plunge backless. Unfortunately, most of the dresses with amazing backs belong to mermaid/low waist dresses (which I really don’t like either fit on me). So, to the internet!

I absolutely love eBay, and searching for a wedding dress on it was so much fun! A ton of dresses are posted with really dramatic and special designs, all within a price that makes my heart sing. My favorite dress that I have been mentally comparing all other dresses to isn’t even listed as a wedding dress, and is pictured in pink. But when I contacted the seller, they had no problem creating the dress in white or ivory for me. I’ve already ordered and received this dress and truly do love it! It needs some alterations, as expected, but with the low price I paid I’m more than happy to make that happen.

Then a curve ball was thrown. I’ve recently stumbled across a beautiful dress that also fits the description of the dress I want for myself and strongly feel that I need to try it on! It looks like only one shop nearby carries the collection, so fingers crossed they have this dress!

As much as I would love to post pictures of these amazing dresses that are up for consideration, I must hold off so that my husband-to-be doesn’t get a peek. BUT below are a few dresses I have tried on during my dress-shopping endeavors that I really liked – they just weren’t the one. You’ll notice that all of these are A-line or ballgown rather than what I was describing earlier – there are two reasons for this. 1, I absolutely love the poofy style as well, and 2, as I mentioned earlier, the shops aren’t really carrying what I’m looking for yet. I have found a few that are the chiffon/goddess fit, but they don’t really look very “wedding” yet.


I liked this dress so much I actually did buy it – and then returned it when I found the eBay one


This dress looked incredible! I just didn’t think I’d still like the ruffles by 2015


I found that I really like satin, pleated, pocketed skirts


What I liked about this dress was the color – champagne



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