Trying To Pick Friends – The Wedding Party

In the first day of our engagement, Nick and I decided to have 6 people stand for each of us in our wedding party. This would mean my girls would be our three sisters and three friends, and the guys would be Nick’s best man and five other friends. While we did ask our sisters and his best man to stand right away (since they were all our no-matter-whats), we decided to wait on asking our friends until we had them for-sure figured out.

Nick and I each have separate groups of friends of about 6 or so people each. This meant that Nick would be able to have basically all the people he is close with, and I would get to have half. I was honestly alright with this for one main reason: Two of my friends are already married and set the precedent for not having all our friends stand. People get it – not everyone can be a part of the wedding party.

When Nick had decided solidly on his 6, he asked me for mine. When I read them off, he paused and began to sound a little upset. I don’t think he had really realized the fact that I would only be able to have 3 friends in my wedding party until that moment. He knows how close me and my girls are, and asked how many people I would need to include all that I wanted to. The answer was 8 – a number which he instantly jumped on and insisted we use.

While we understand that 8 is quite a lot, we have also decided that this is reflective of our lives and will defend our decision to all who gasp at the number.

The funny part now was that Nick had a 4-way tie for these two new spots! Poor kid stresses enough with just studying to think about, and now he was adding this onto the pile. Luckily, as far as wedding planning goes, this was the only thing I needed him to think about and decide before he came home for Christmas. So he had roughly 3 months.

The next time I brought the topic up, it was obvious Nick hadn’t thought about his groomsmen at all. I on the other hand, had – and offered a helping point. We had discussed before about having our officiant be someone we knew and have them ordained, a position which could easily be filled by one of Nick’s friends. It seemed to help! He felt less stressed about it, but still did not come up with a final answer.

So close…

Fast forward to yesterday. Nick texts me excited because he had drafted his Best Man speech for his cousin’s wedding (also Spring 2015). I wanted to badly so be excited with him, but honestly all I felt was peeved. He was able to write a speech for someone else’s wedding but had yet to give me his list of groomsmen?

I think he could sense this, and it only took an hour before he had it ready for me.


I played around with the orders slightly on each side to match height and fun-o-meters and now we’re all set! Stay tuned – once we actually ask them I will post our wedding party for all to browse.


2 thoughts on “Trying To Pick Friends – The Wedding Party

  1. Oh my goodness! I am so happy to know that I am not the only one who went through stress with picking the bridal party! I originally only wanted 1 bridesmaid, but the FH has an incredibly close group of 5 – and he was best man at all of their weddings. Stressful but fun 🙂


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