How To: Not Settle For A Normal Wedding Website

I had a moment of down time at work the other day and began researching the difference between wedding sites. Some of the criteria I had in mind while searching was that it had to be free to use, colors had to be customizable, and for the features to go beyond the “show and tell” feel. A simple Google search for “free wedding websites” turns up a slew of useful articles comparing a variety of common wedding websites.

For each recommended site, I checked out the features available in their free option as well as the templates available for design. After looking thoroughly at about 5 or so different sites, I realized that none of them were exactly scratching the itch I had. I had the idea to just create a website from scratch, and found a wonderful free service for it: Wix.

Wix offers a completely customizable site for its users. You can begin with a template or from scratch, and every bit of design is up to you – colors, fonts, size, buttons, etc. There are also widgets/apps you can install onto the site for beautifully dynamic features. Some of the templates are also mobile-optimized, so you can be sure that guests viewing on their phones still looks wonderful without having to zoom in. My site started looking like this:


And it currently looks like this (still incomplete):

Now, I should also clarify that this wedding website option is not for the technologically illiterate. With complete customization comes a learning curve. But with how much I’m loving it so far, I’d recommend that anyone take a stab at it.

Stay tuned! Once we’ve got some basic details for our wedding figured out we’ll be making the website live. I’ll be sure to give it its own blog post =)

Also, for reference, here is a list of a few of the great free wedding websites I looked at but ultimately decided against:

1. Wed Buddy:

2. eWedding:

3. The Knot:

4. Wedding Wire:



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