Second Venue Meeting: Our Favorite Rooftop Venue

The first rooftop venue we found – and still to this day our favorite – is 3Fifty Terrace at Music Hall in Detroit. This place is completely polished and offers a view of some of the great sights in Detroit, such as Comerica Park and the iconic Wyland whale mural.

Here are some pictures to show why we love it so much:

Music Hall Lobby

Main Lobby

Music Hall Theater 2


3Fifty 6

Rooftop Entrance

3Fifty 2

Edge Seating




Bar – Dancefloor – Stage

When I look out at the view from this place, I get super giddy picturing our reception here,

(Totally me the whole time I’m on the rooftop)

Now, while this was our number one choice from the get-go, they have been difficult to work with. This is for many reasons, some of which are excusable – they do not have their calendar of events booked yet for 2015 to see which dates are available, and the rooftop was only completed at the end of this summer (so no event packages have yet to be pulled together).

The one aspect of working with them that has peeved me so far was the difficulty trying to get a response. Upon checking their website contacts and reaching out to the event coordinator, I sent a total of 5 emails without response. Once I told my mom this, she spent a day trying to call them before being re-routed to a new contact – Erik. And Erik is great! Thank you Erik for all your help in getting us answers, even where there are none.

So I finally met with the venue and its coordinators in person last week to discuss costs, policies, etc. as well as look around. As expected, Erik in person was as friendly and helpful as he was via email. The actual event coordinator still came across as sour, and I hope that Erik will actually be handling my event.

To compare this venue with our other choice (The Detroit Opera House), I’ve made a list:


Rooftop is more developed: tiled floor (not gravel), large stage, large bar, modern décor

Multiple bathroom stalls for men and women (as opposed to one each)

Will allow tents (so no indoor plan is needed)

Can seat more people

Parking lot available immediately adjacent to venue

Theater has center aisle to walk down should ceremony be in the theater

Costs are all around less


View for guests of head table is largely blocked by bar

Elevator doesn’t go all the way up (guests must take one full flight of stairs)

Possibility of working with difficult/sour planner

It should be pointed out that neither location offers a way to the rooftop without any steps at all. Even the Detroit Opera House, which does have an elevator that goes all the way to the roof, requires I think 5 steps once at the top. We are aware that this may limit some grandparents from attending the reception, but they would still be able to attend the ceremony without difficulty. Having the rooftop venue is so important to us that we’ve managed to be ok with this fact (reminder, our song is “Rooftops” by LostProphets).

So fingers crossed that when we hear back, it will be with a bunch of yeses to our requests, and we can finally begin planning. We are currently looking at May 29th or 30th (Friday or Saturday) of 2015, which would be the weekend after Memorial Day. This would be after college semesters are over, before the Detroit Tiger’s baseball team really gets going (since the rooftops cater to the fans), doesn’t interfere with a holiday, and is at the start of summer so it hopefully wouldn’t be 85° and humid – everyone may just want to bring a hoodie for when the sun goes down.

Wish us luck!


9 thoughts on “Second Venue Meeting: Our Favorite Rooftop Venue

      • ok, will do! I love reading your blog 🙂

        Btw, have you tried the Beaubian Place Rooftop at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit? I haven’t had any luck getting a phone call back, but I’m hoping it’s just because a lot of people are on the holiday break this week. I saw this place mentioned on the internet

    • When I contacted the Renaissance Center, they said they specifically don’t allow weddings in their public areas. So we could have our reception in a private room, but no rooftop =( If you’re having trouble getting a hold of someone though, try Laura: (and keep in mind she was the one who told me no).

  1. Ahh, the idea of a rooftop is so much fun! I was thinking about the rooftop terrace at my building where I work (it’s also a wedding/event venue) for our rehearsal dinner but decided I’m taking a big enough risk with the wedding ceremony outdoors that I shouldn’t chance having two events outside. I’m sure it’ll be so cool!

    • Hi there,

      Do you have any additional recommendations for a rooftop/terrace/outdoor wedding? I’m planning a wedding in Detroit, but am originally from Minneapolis so any hidden treasures you can offer would be fantastic. Thank you!

  2. Did they send you a price breakdown? I’m having a hard time finding information on this venue. Like you I have emailed and called. I recently emailed Erik and haven’t heard anything back yet. Before I go deep in pursuing this and tracking down Erik I wanted to know if this was even in my budget. If they sent you a breakdown or any package could you forward it to me or provide me with any information. My email is thanks!


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