About the Maid of Honor

Our Maid of Honor will be my middle sister, Megan.
Megan01 Megan02



Megan03 Megan05

I’ll clarify right now, this wacko bombshell is currently taken by my own fiancé’s friend, Erik. They’re pretty cute together (also, how weird did it look with the accent ‘e’ followed by an apostrophe?):


She has a very classy style, so I expect her to look ravishing in my bridal party:


To describe Megan in a few words (or a paragraph), she is the kind of person who is loyal to the end. She will go the extra mile in anything she does – and this is definitely both a good thing and a bad thing. I’ve grown up seeing her wait hours for a friend who doesn’t show up. On the flipside, look at this costume she made herself for my Mario Party party:


She’s also completely nuts, but in the kind that most people are completely nuts. Energy for days, exaggerated silly faces, and references things you never heard of. She has an arsenal of YouTube clips that actually makes me people roll their eyes; Not another YouTube clip!

She’s currently studying at Oakland University to get her Communications degree. She started out her studies to be a Middle School math teacher, but once she got into the field she found out how much work goes into teaching besides teaching. She also has an insatiable fascination with animals. This, partnered with the kindest heart you’ve met, means she brings home a lot of them. Most recently it was a litter of field mice, which she brought everywhere so that she could feed them, clean them, and re-heat their cuddle sock.

The two of us are only 11 months apart in age, so we grew up very close. We really only ever fought that one year where I was in middle school and she was still in elementary. Obviously I was way cooler than her. Otherwise we always liked each other.

When we were both really young (like single-digit ages), I was definitely a typical older sister. I’d ask her for one of her toys, she’d give it to me. I was scared of the characters at Disney, she’d be shoved to go first. I told her I wanted to cut her hair, she let me. I told her you’re only pretty if you have long hair, she cried. You know how it goes.

Fun fact about Megan! She had her two front teeth knocked out when she was in Kindergarten (sounds about right…) and didn’t get them back in for a few years. She totally rocked “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.” If I can scan a picture of her adorable-ness I’ll post it here.

So this is my Maid of Honor. She’s already spectacular at it and we’ve barely done anything! She will definitely keep me sane as my mother and I argue over costs and guest lists. Thank you Megan for being my rock in this upcoming year and a half ❤


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