Venue Frustration Rant – with gifs!

So the first step to really get things moving is securing your when-and-where for the wedding. And man some places are making this really difficult for me. First big reveal of our wedding plans – Nick and I want a rooftop reception. Given the number of developed rooftop spaces in combination with a guest list of definitely over 100 people, our options have been pretty limited.

I had been under the impression prior to getting started that vendors were dying for wedding business and would go so far as to be pushy and annoying once you’ve contacted them revealing you’re getting married. While this has been the case for pretty much everything else, the few venues we are looking at have become the opposite.

I’ve been writing a lot of emails

They don’t respond to my emails

If they do, it takes a week to get a reply

I’ve heard a ton of reasons why I can’t use the venue as well, some excuses are legit and some are just poor policies:

“We only do coorporate events” – WHYYY would you miss out on the largely profitable wedding business?

“The space is for residents only” – If it’s not being used that day, wouldn’t you rather make money on it?

“Yes we can certainly do that – unless your event is a wedding. Wedding ceremonies and receptions are not allowed” – But I can have a bat mitzvah then?

“We don’t allow weekend events” – Then how do you plan on making money?

So, this is how I’m seeing my venues:

And this is how I feel:

I can’t wait until I get a yes. I’ve started emailing non-rooftop venues since it’s looking like this is going to be tricky. Those venues respond to me with their reception package information within a day! But fingers crossed that one of these people who have yet to respond to me with a No will come back with the Yes I’ve been waiting for


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