About The Bride (Hey, That’s Me!)

Hello all!

Now that I’ve managed to post a few blog entries, I guess I should more formally introduce myself. For anyone who may end up following me for the long run and possibly picking my brain for things they want to do (or to avoid!), who we are influences these decisions. Maybe we might even be blog soulmates ❤

So some basics, here’s me!


I work in media planning for an advertising agency here in metro Detroit (Doner). Prior to that I graduated from Oakland University Honors College with my Bachelor’s in Psychology, minoring in advertising. Prior to that I was in high school and had (still do) too many interests. I was the definition of an over-achiever. For funsies, here’s a list of all the things I was involved with in high school: student government, track & field, science olympiad, choirs (3), show choirs (2), musicals (3), AP classes (5), NHS,  dance, and I had a job. And thank goodness I did all of this, because being an adult doesn’t offer nearly as many opportunities now.

And here’s my family


That’s my mom, step-dad (but I just call him dad), and my two younger sisters. The one that’s taller than me is the middle child, and the short blonde one is my step-sister (again, she’s really just my sister). These people right here have really shaped me into who I am today. Particularly my mom. She raised us in a very democratic household – when we were in trouble we had a discussion rather than just being sent to our rooms. When we weren’t in trouble (which honestly we were really good kids), we were best friends. I never had an I hate my family phase. We’ve always played board games, gone on long road trips together, and had dinner at the table every night.

And then there’s my friends!


We're all grown up!

We’re all grown up!

With these girls I can truly be the goofy self that leads to an endless cycle of happiness. I hardly ever find myself in a bad mood, and I blame it on my friends. I’m surrounded by people with whom I can be myself, whether that’s a lazy-movie-watching self or a let’s-smother-ice-cream-on-our-faces-and-sing-the-lion-sleeps-tonight self.

Special shoutout to my gbf roommate Doug:


We are luckily enough to have the same household OCDs as one another, allowing us to still be friends after living together for nearly two years (what! Time flies way too fast). Neither of us care if a few dirty dishes are in the sink, but we both have the same definition of too many dirty dishes in the sink. And if we throw a party? Yeah there’s no way we’re cleaning the next day, it can wait until tomorrow. But not longer than that. Love you Doug!

I’ve also grown up completely surrounded by pets of all varieties. We’ve had the common animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters, and fish. We’ve honestly pretty much had every kind of rodent (mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pig, rabbit, and a degu), multiple reptiles (painted turtles, anoles, bearded dragons, and garter snakes), and then a few oddities (sting rays, ducks, and squirrels). We’ve had the honor of having a dad who likes to help us catch animals, and who then actually lets us keep them sometimes! Don’t worry, we let them go after a day or so. Currently Doug and I live with my cat Chewy.


Chewy is as friendly as a dog. He greets us when we come home, is extremely vocal and will talk with us, and demands attention. I’m writing this now as he stands at the foot of bed, staring me down and meowing. I hear you just fine – my laptop will be out of your spot in just a minute. Maybe.

Diving a little deeper, I guess it’s relevant to let you know where I stand on beliefs given the wedding topic of my blog. I myself am agnostic, not quite believing one specific religion. I would say that what I believe in is much more vague than what is written in any book. In its simplest form, I believe in karma. I may not believe in one specific God, but I do believe there is something that balances good and bad with miracles and catastrophes respectively. My mom felt it more important for my sisters and I to be in Science Olympiad rather than Sunday School growing up, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. There is just so much to know! Why accept a “just because” answer from religion when you can test and reason with science. I don’t like hearing that from my mom, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t like to hear that from the world.

And I’d like to use this space to apologize if I have offended anyone. I understand completely that beliefs are exactly that – a belief. I will never actually think so highly of my own opinion to tell anyone that what they believe is wrong. It’s truly fascinating to listen to everyone’s own story!

And to add fuel to fire; a certificate on paper isn’t gonna solve it all, but it’s a damn good place to start.

On a lighter note, here are a list of Sarah’s favorites! I know, I know, it probably resembles a MySpace profile…


Color: YELLOW! Completely obsessed. Room, car, purse, everything – all yellow
Flower: Sunflower (duh)
Food: As in, I could eat any time any day (but not necessarily my favorite at any one moment) – Grilled Cheese
Comedian: Brian Regan
Musician: John Mayer. His lyrics are truly beautiful, especially in his stuff that doesn’t make it to the radio
Drink: Mountain Dew
Alcoholic drink: Red Stag
Vehicle: Crotch rockets (they really get my motor running. Ha, get it?!)
Amusement park ride: Millennium Force (at Cedar Point)
Store: Salvation Army! Popping tags for sure.
Workout: Aerial Silks
Passion: Dancing. If I could spot better I would’ve done it professionally.
Movie: Changes weekly
Song: Changes hourly
Scent: It’s a tie between New Car Smell and Satsuma from the Body Shop
Pastimes: Theater, Concerts, Netflix, Playgrounds, Dance Club, Obnoxious Behavior

And you know what needs its own category? All of the things that I accept and embrace on my nerdy side. I hope there are some fellow nerds reading along that can totally weigh in with an  OMG ME TOO!


image(4)  image(5)  image(6)
The New Tetris for N64. I dominate this game
Mario Kart & Party for N64. Please see this link for mine and my roommates IRL Mario Party Party! (or Instagram #mariopartyparty)
N64 – Let’s be real, if I listed every game we might be here a while
Game of Thrones – The show a complete mindf***, and it’s actually accurate to the books so far
Doctor Who – WeeeeeOOOOOOeeeeee
Transformers – The only movie I have literally watched 7 days in a row and still love. Bumbleebee is the bomb. And Megan Fox looks hot throughout the whole thing. I now wish I knew more about cars.
Harry Potter – I think this is an almost self-explanatory item in any nerd list, but important nonetheless. If you find yourself in London, King’s Crossing has a fan-made platform 9 ¾ (that I definitely took too many pictures with)
Mythology – The Xena:Warrior Princess kind, not the Homer kind
The Big Bang Theory – “Messy?! This is a swirling vortex of entropy!”
XKCD – Really amazing online comic that makes cynical jokes using science and computer programming
IFLS on Facebook – If you are intrigued by science and not following I F***ing Love Science, you are really missing out.

And in case you’re interested, here are a few good nerd-links:
XKCD, What If, IFLS, Fake Science, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Smarter Every Day, Think Geek

And if you’re in advertising like me, you need to check these out:
This Advertising Life, What Happens In Media Planning, Tony Price Comedy Skit

Weird/Fun Facts About Sarah

– If I’m reading a digital clock, I will also read what it spells upside-down (9:00 = Dog)
– I have a phobia of ledges. So I can skydive, but I can’t walk along the railing on the second floor at the mall
– I also hate seeing skin break. Once the needle is in I can look just fine, I just can’t watch it go in
– I’m one of those always-cold people. Lucky for me Nick is a furnace
– I’ve auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance (didn’t make it)
– I’m an adrenaline junkie – bungee jump, skydive, rollercoasters, etc.
– I was an extra in the Jenna Dewan & Rob Schneider movie “American Virgin.” I even have some good screen time!
– I’ve maintained a pen-pal friendship with a girl named Jess in England since 6th grade. We’ve even vacationed together 3 times now.
– If I’m listening to a song on my iPod, it has to play to the end to get the play count (even if this means fast forwarding). Which leads to my next point,
– I am selectively OCD (self diagnosed as usual)

Pet Peeves/Things I Make A Point Not To Do So I’m Not A Hypocrite:

– Say “I know, right?”
– Text “k”
– The toilet paper faces out. But if Doug is the one who changes it and he faces it backwards it can stay. That’s may way of thanking him for remembering to change it.
– If someone, even a creeper, starts talking to me at a bar, I will talk with them. It takes courage to talk to someone and I would never want to discourage that.
– Answer all questions from an email discussion in list form so there’s no confusion.
– I ALWAYS use my blinker while driving. This includes changing lanes, turning on a one-way street, going into a parking space (if I’m waiting), everything. Return the courtesy peeps.

Things About Me That Are Probably Annoying:

– Cracking my knuckles all the time
– Forgetting to return phone calls
– Don’t like to cook
– Sing along in the car. It’s such a consistent part of my life that I don’t even realize I’m doing it sometimes
– Don’t take good care of my car. How long has that check engine light been on? And my rear wheel-bearings are making the humming in my car really loud lately
– Buy way too many clothes/shoes/accessories – but hey they’re all from Salvation Army or eBay so I’m saving money!

Things I Like About Nick

(I’ll establish right now that obviously there’s too much to list here, so I’ll go with the top 10 points)
1. He likes all the things I like
2. He also likes his own things
3. He has drive and ambition, and the talent to make things happen
4. He uses logic to form his arguments, and accepts logic that nullifies them
5. He’ll give me a foot rub and not assume there’s one in return
6. We can hang out with different people at the same party and not care that the other isn’t by our side all night
7. He likes to dance (I realize this falls under point #1, but it needed its own point)
8. He loves my friends and family, and they love him back
9. He’s got a great smile and some nice arms =)
10. He was my friend first

Thanks so much for taking the time to read! Kudos if you made it this far.

To end on a fun note, here are a bunch of movie/tv quotes I use on a regular basis. Can you identify them? Hint, there’s a lot from one particular movie,
“It’s happening, it’s happening…. it happened.”
“Do you know what tuna is?”
“Get your shit together Carol”
“I’ve (insert thing you’ve done), Khaleesi”
“I only wanna lose 3 pounds”
“Help me, I’m poor”
“Can I take your coat, your hats, and your swastikas?”
“There’s a killer on the loose, and he’s killing everyone named Howie. That’s my name, that’s MY name.”
“Dogs are people too”
Bonus: “What are this?”


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