That Burning Question – Who is your Maid of Honor and Best Man?

When you go to ask your Maid of Honor or Best Man to take their title, you always hope it can be a fun and creative way. For me, as usual, I turned to Pinterest for mine and Nick’s ideas. I’ll probably say this at least once per entry – Pinterest is the greatest for planning a wedding!

When Nick and I first started dating, we went out to the bar one night with some of my friends and he was introduced to “icing.” In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s when a guy buys a Smirnoff Ice for another without their knowledge, and upon presenting it the recipient must get down on one knee and chug the bottle. Nick became instantly amused with this new bar fad, so when I found this idea on Pinterest I instantly suggested it. The idea is that when you present it to your hopeful Best Man, you say, “I got down on one knee, now you have to.” Although I was not there for their bro-bonding moment, Nick said it was a hilarious moment that Larry accepted without question.

*This is not actually Nick, this came from a Google image search

*This is not actually Nick, this came from a Google image search

For me, I decided on proposing to my Maid of Honor using a Ring Pop. And she of course said yes! But that’s not all there is to the story for my Maid of Honor. Firstly, I’d like to point out that I have two younger sisters, and Nick has an older sister – all of which will certainly be standing in our wedding. Around a year ago when my mom, sisters, and myself were chatting about weddings, I pointed out that if me and my sisters wanted to each have a sister as a Maid of Honor, we should establish a sort-of triangle so that everyone would get a chance. No one else liked that idea though, and no doubt because neither of my younger sisters get along with each other. Which makes perfect sense, so I didn’t push the idea.

But on the night Nick and I got engaged and we hosted the party for our friends, my sister Megan had spent a significant amount of time on the couch with my friend Lauren crying, admitting that she did not think she would be my Maid of Honor because of this suggestion made so long ago. Lauren set her straight, and it looked something like this:


So a few days after she confessed these concerns to Lauren, I settled her worries with a Ring Pop =)

Nick and I also gave Ring Pops to my other sister and his, but the rest of our bridal party will have to wait until December. We are currently playing with the number on either side trying to make them match. Nick has 6 guys, and I have 7 girls. The problem we’re having now is that Nick’s 7th spot would be a 4-way tie and he’s having trouble choosing. But it will happen, no worries for me!


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