Our Engagement Photos

The first day back to work after our engagement was a great opportunity to not get a thing done that day. Work-related anyway. I spent my whole day on Pinterest, starting my excel spreadsheets, and making my Knot account. When I saw Nick at dinner afterwards, he was definitely overwhelmed with how much I was able to get done in a day. This deep-dive into getting started made me realize something though – even though it felt too early, Nick and I needed to take our engagement photos this week before he left again for school. It would have been nice to wait until his next break, but that would be December and we wanted to take photos outside. Commence coordinating mayhem.

It actually wasn’t mayhem, I exaggerated. What I’m referring to as mayhem here is moreso the decision-making process we went through deciding on a photographer. I’m gonna lay it all on the line – I am cheap. And I don’t mean all the time, more like 75% of the time. So when Nick suggested a photographer that would end up costing us $300, all I could think was I have plenty of friends with nice cameras who would do it in exchange for dinner.  My uncle Dan is also a photographer, and in the past he has done all of mine and my sister’s senior pictures for high school. I really enjoy his work, so we decided to call and see what could be done.

My family is so great, they really are. When I got to speak with my uncle, we discussed location and dates before we came around to price. I cannot begin to express how touched I was when he offered the pictures at no charge for me as an engagement present. I insisted on at least taking him to dinner one night to say thanks, and at that point we booked our photos with my uncle.

(Dan works for Victoria Photography in Shelby Twp, MI: http://www.victoriaprophoto.com/ )

The night before our photos, Nick and I picked out what we’d wear to be all cutesy-matchy. Unfortunately, he no longer lives here year-round and had a whole 5 outfits to pick from. The default answer to my “What about that one shirt,” was “Nope.” Luckily for me, I have wayyyyyy too many clothes, so was able to pick out things we could match with his limited selection.

Me with clothes:
clothes me2 clothes me

How Nick manages clothes during break:
clothes nick

For the location, we decided to bring everything full-circle and go to the campground we met at – Port Huron KOA. Not only is this place meaningful to us, but it has a TON of variety in shots we could take. There is the campsite itself (which we surprisingly remembered), forest, train tracks, old-country shops, playgrounds, and fun bikes. We started with our dressy outfits so that we could take the nice pictures before the sun made us sweaty and my hair frizzed up, and then moved on to take all the fun shots. We piggy-backed by the train station, climbed into a tree, and used all the playground had to offer.

(Port Huron KOA: http://koa.com/campgrounds/port-huron/ )

The photos turned out amazing! I would recommend to anyone they choose a place that means something over the standard landscape setting a photographer may take you to. We’ve made new memories that have attached fondly to a place which already brings us so much joy, it was a great experience. Scroll down to enjoy our photos as much as we did!

514_Sarah_Nick_ 523_Sarah_Nick_ 530_Sarah_Nick_ 506_Sarah_Nick_  542_Sarah_Nick_ 548_Sarah_Nick_519_Sarah_Nick_557_Sarah_Nick_

577_Sarah_Nick_ 572_Sarah_Nick_

576_Sarah_Nick_ 561_Sarah_Nick_

564_Sarah_Nick_ 566_Sarah_Nick_



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