How We Handled the Days Post-Proposal

Since Nick was coming home from the Caribbean, we already had dinner with my parents and a party planned the night he proposed. We decided this was a perfect segue into telling our friends and family of the engagement – all our in-person sharing would be done that day, we’d make all the phone calls the following day (Sunday), and finally update our social media on Monday.

Since we had our jump that morning at 9AM, it was still early after we finished and had lunch with our (still in the dark) friend. We used that time to clean my house prior to the party later that night, and then head over to visit Nick’s mom before seeing my own family. Needless to say, both of our families were thrilled! When we got to my parents house to meet up before dinner, they happened to all be sitting on the back patio as we parked. I decided I would tell them by not saying anything – instead I just ran up to them really fast and answered their “How was skydiving?” with throwing my left hand in the middle of all of them. My family is basically all girls – myself, my mom, and two sisters, with my dad the lone macho-hunter-mechanic guy. The response to the ring was a lot of screaming and hugging, etc. and was just how I hoped it would be.

After dinner, we had to head back to my house to be ready for our party. Since the party had originally just been for Nick’s friends, I had to text all of my friends (and any of his who had declined) and tell them that they should really really try to make it tonight. I started to shake my phone as people responded with things such as “I can’t because (fill in the blank that they would definitely miss if they knew what was going on).” But alas, I did not want to tell them via text like that.

As the party started and people began to arrive, I made sure to not wear my ring so that we could announce the news once everyone got there. We had a great time hanging out for about 2-3 hours before we finally asked everyone to quiet down real quick. Luckily, not even this was weird since we were actually celebrating Nick being home, so it sounded like he just wanted to thank everyone for coming. When the bombshell dropped, everyone was ecstatic and from that point on Nick and I barely saw each other as he entertained the guy’s questions and I entertained the girl’s.

It is also necessary to tell you about two of my friends who showed up even later than when we made our announcement – my roommate Doug and friend Kayla. Doug and I quote the movie bridesmaids on a daily basis, so earlier that day I made sure to buy an apple and proceeded to tell him the news exactly as was done in the movie.


And he made my night when he also responded as in the movie

So. Good.

When Kayla got to my house even after this, she tied Doug for my favorite reaction. She started crying, her voice got very squeaky, and told me about how she’s never been more excited for two people to be engaged. It was a really great moment.

The next day we slept in (although not as much as we would have liked), and made our way up to my family’s lake house to take it easy. We made our phone calls up here, and this took forever. But it was necessary, and we were rewarded with a pontoon stroll across the lake.

That night Nick and I sat down to plot how we were going to post this the next morning on Facebook. We didn’t want to just change our relationship status, we wanted to post something fun. So we bunkered down and each played with words about our skydiving adventure, tying it to a picture collage

Skydive Proposal

We had so much fun telling everyone we love about his proposal, and the happy reactions kept on coming in after we posted this. It really meant a lot to us to be able to personally tell everyone close to us before we told the world, so a special thank you to everyone who was able to keep quiet until our Monday deadline =)


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