He Proposed!

Upon starting my wedding blog, it seems natural that the first post should be about the beginning.

Nick and I met when we were 16 (2006) while camping at the KOA in Port Huron, MI. My friend Lauren and I were sitting at the picnic table late at night and spied two cute boys walking past, so of course we invited them to hang out by our fire and we talked all night. Fast forward to January 2nd, 2011 and you’ll find the day Nick and I finally started dating. Looking back, we wouldn’t have it any other way – I feel like not only am I marrying the man of my dreams, but my best friend as well.

I’m now graduated from college and working my big-kid job for an advertising agency here in metro Detroit. Nick on the other hand is attending medical school…
on the Caribbean island of Dominica!


We’ve known for a while now that the two of us would be married some day. In my head though, I wouldn’t even be engaged until he lived in the United States again – so I was not expecting it at all this past August when he came home between semesters.

A few months ago, I convinced Nick to come skydiving with me. I found a deal on LivingSocial and seized my chance to finally do something I’ve always wanted to. I Skyped with him later that night asking if he wanted to go and a look of terror came across his face. Nick absolutely hates saying no to things, and I could tell he wanted to at this moment but wouldn’t for fear that I wouldn’t go without him. So I laid it all out on the line, “Nick, I AM going, do you want to join me?”

It took over a week for him to decide, and ultimately convinced himself to conquer his fear and share this experience with me.

August came along and his semester was nearly over. As we Skyped each night I would avoid talking about skydiving, knowing how scared it made him to think about that. Especially while trying to study for finals – no way I was going to put that on his mind too. We had our jump booked for the day after he came home from the island. While he was waiting during one of his layovers, I get a text from him saying that he is in San Juan… and has lost his passport. Really right now, Nicholas? Luckily Puerto Rico is a U.S. island and he was still able to return home that night. If he had been stuck there I would have teased him forever that he lost it on purpose so he wouldn’t have to skydive. Little did I know that he wanted to jump just as much as I did, but for a different reason.

Within a 24-hour period, he was off one plane that delivered him safely to Michigan, and on his way to another perfectly good plane to jump out of.

Geared up

skydive02We met our tandem divers who would be doing all the hard work during our jump and listened to about 15 minutes of instruction on how not to get in their way. Nick and I got into a plane that looked like it was only ever meant to hold a single pilot and his luggage and rode up 10,000 feet into the air. The journey was quite long, I’d say 10 minutes or so, and the moment that door opened with just a little step outside of it, my heart sank. I gave Nick a kiss as he scooted over to the door. I watched him jump first – you don’t realize how fast 9.8 m/s squared is until you get to watch someone else go first.

0503Before I could even think, my tandem partner lifted me to the door and we were out! Prior to getting in the plane I had told him I wanted to somersault as much as possible in the air, and that’s exactly what we did. The feeling was absolutely exhilarating! The world spun all around me as we passed through a cloudless sky, completely surrounded by nothing but air. I had my rollercoaster scream on the entire time, and then the parachute came up.

Let me tell you girls – the parachute being released WILL shove your boobs into your chin and it will be the worst part of the jump. 06That is definitely the most unattractive moment during my video lol. As we glided down for almost 10 minutes, I got to steer and spin and feel weightless all over again, but more gracefully. I could see Nick far below me doing the same, and see the earth thousands of feet below my own. It was surreal.

I got to watch Nick land, and seconds later I did too. After we got unhooked to our tandem partner, we ran to each other and he spun me around as we kissed. And that was when he had planned to propose (story twist!!!).

07It turns out that during the time between Nick landing and me landing, he tried to get into his pocket so he could have the ring out but the harness made it impossible. It was so tight that he couldn’t even get one finger to clutch around it, so he had to wait.

After we shed our harnesses and the next group took off in the plane, Nick asked me to take a walk with him to a nearby hill. He was kind of shaking, and I thought he just needed to walk-off his adrenaline rush. As we reached the top though, he turned to face me, held my hands, babbled (we both agree on this term), and dropped to one knee. I immediately said yes and pulled him up to kiss me! I got a good look at the ring in the sunlight and watched it sparkle. I was incredibly impressed, this boy had remembered a ring I’d shown him over 6 months earlier in a magazine and bought it the last time he was home in April.

We started our walk back to the space other jumpers we waiting, as we’d made friends with the two people currently in the air and wanted to see them land. But on the way down I told him that I wanted our family to be the first to know, so we played it cool and acted like nothing happened. Until we got in the car and we started freaking out with happiness again =)

On top of that, we had already made plans to visit a friend for lunch who lived near the skydiving location, and again acted like nothing had happened so that we could tell our families first. Luckily for us the car ride home was over an hour long, so we had plenty of time to laugh in happiness and turn up the music to jam.

Nick’s proposal was everything I could have wanted. I wasn’t expecting it, it happened while we were doing something crazy, and I wasn’t in my pajamas lol. And of course, it was to him. I cannot wait to be married to my best friend.

Skydive Proposal

To answer anything that you may still be wondering…

Nick had a BLAST skydiving. The guy who was so afraid to even consider it, landed shouting “I want to learn how to jump on my own!” Every time we get to tell this story, he recommends skydiving to anyone regardless of their interest.

The skydiving company we jumped with was Capital City Skydiving in Fowlerville, MI. They’re such a fun and experienced group of people – if you’re in the area, definitely consider them.

Nick’s passport issue was resolved through an expedited process while he was home and he was able to return back to school without any trouble. He is studying to be an M.D., with current interest in cardiothorasic surgery (heart/abdomen).

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  1. I’m so glad you found my blog… because I can’t wait to read your blog! Beautiful ring. I love the leaves and tree look for engagement rings.

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